Today we label the new vintage of Malvasia delle Lipari DOC
13 August 2021

Our little jewel is once again ready to cross the threshold of the cellar and then give you emotions by meeting you at the most joyful tables and in the most romantic moments of your summer.

We produce it in small quantities, trying to tell the story of a territory, the Aeolian one, which has always been recognized for the excellence of its sweet wine.

It is our Malvasia delle Lipari, and represents an authentic sensory journey: a wine that slips away with a brackish note, almost umami and certainly Mediterranean, while the nose refers to hints of apricot jam, figs and cedar wood.

Not the usual sweetish and cloying passito, but a small gem that releases a persistent mineral trail, while enveloping you in its sensational bouquet. You should try it with a crème brûlée or with the sesamini of the Aeolian tradition!

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