Tenuta di Castellaro
Immerse youself in beauty

In Lipari, in the splendid Aeolian Islands, on the Piana di Castellaro 350 meters above sea level, supported by the ancient Quarries of Kaolin, an ambitious oenological and landscape project arises.
Tenuta di Castellaro winery is born from the careful selection of the indigenous vines of the Aeolian archipelago and from the recovery of a part of that territory that, over the years, had been abandoned.
In a magical and uncontaminated environment, painted by the colours that only nature can give, we offer sensory experiences to live on the surface.

Tenuta di Castellaro is the realization of passion and dream that have merged into a perfect union, giving life to a unique excellence of its kind. The millennial tree, grown organically in the 20 hectares of vineyard, preserves the precious fruit that gives birth to sought-after wines with a unique taste, pure expression of the volcanic territory of Lipari, an unspoiled place that has welcomed us with its natural adversities.

Let yourself be fascinated by our wines with an ancestral taste: unconventional glasses that tell of sun, wind, earth and sea.

Tenuta di Castellaro
About us

The millenary tradition of head-trained cultivation imposes almost total manual processing of the vineyard, which requires dedication, passion and experience, strength and generosity.


Those are the characteristics that Tenuta di Castellaro team transmits to our wines.

Tenuta di Castellaro
Our philosophy

Respect for nature, man and tradition are the cornerstones of the philosophy that Tenuta di Castellaro has espoused since the early stages of the project.


It did so through the enhancement of human resources, integration with the territory, the use of natural resources, landscape enrichment and the highest consideration for the history and culture of the place.

Tenuta di Castellaro

The Piana di Castellaro, where most of our vineyards and our Estate are located, speaks of a viticulture linked to history and tradition.

At 350 metres above sea level and overlooking Alicudi, Filicudi and Salina, our vineyards Caolino, Gelso, Lisca, Panoramica, Cipressi and Punta Piana, grow on soils of volcanic sand rich in minerals that give structure and longevity.

Tenuta di Castellaro
Our winery

The project of the winery was based on three fundamental principles: integration with the territory, exploitation of natural resources and respect for the construction tradition and natural history of the Island of Lipari.

Tenuta di Castellaro
On the Etna

Theatre of a bold viticulture that gives authentic and expressive wine, we have chosen Etna for its millenary traditions, where centuries-old vineyards seem suspended between sky and sea.

In this small area we can find centuries-old trees, each with its own unique and extraordinary shape and history.

Put one foot in paradise
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