10 things to do in Lipari
for an unforgettable holiday
27 January 2020
Nestled in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the coast of Messina, the Aeolian Islands offer a unique sight which is envied by the rest of the World.

10 Things to Do in Lipari for an Unforgettable Holiday

Are you going to find out the treasures of Lipari? Then you definitely don’t want to miss the Top 10 things to do in Lipari and its surroundings, for an unforgettable holiday immersed in the history and the tastes of the Island.


10. Marina Corta

Characteristic and peaceful landing of the island, Marina Corta is certainly one of the places in Lipari where you can breathe that serene breeze that is typical of the Aeolian atmosphere. The square holds magnificent views from which you can taste some of the best specialties of the Aeolian cuisine and admire the characteristic local cribs.


9. Castel of Lipari

A classic from Lipari: the castle inside the acropolis, whose ancient fortifications enclose all the history of the populations that, over the centuries, have inhabited and transformed the island. Located at the top of a volcanic rock, the castle offers a splendid view of the city and the surrounding area, with its walls overlooking the sea.


8. Saint Bartholomew Cathedral (Lipari Cathedral)

You can’t miss a visit to Saint Bartholomew Cathedral, definitely among the best things to do in Lipari. Beautifully frescoed, the cathedral offers a historical perspective of the city, where you can admire the skill of the artists of the past centuries.


7. Aeolian Regional Archeological Museum

Also within the walls, you can visit the archaeological museum named after Bernabò Brea, a famous archaeologist who from the 1950s conducted a series of excavations on the island, discovering important pieces of well-preserved history that were buried under a layer of volcanic ash deposits over 10 meters thick.


6. Boat ride

You can’t leave Lipari without having taken a boat trip and without visiting the other wonders of the Aeolian archipelago. For the starry sky and the tranquility of the dark lovers, it is possible to organize an evening boat ride to enjoy the Tyrrhenian Sea in its most elegant dress.


5. Quattrocchi panoramic viewpoint

To enjoy a breathtaking view, the Quattrocchi belvedere is a 100% worth stop, to bring home the magnificent memory of a panorama that represents one of the best possible postcards from the Aeolian Islands.


4. Old Church of Quattropani

Far from the beaches, immersed in the tranquility of the hill, stands a small church that exudes peace and serenity. The square and the surrounding gardens offer a wonderful view of the nearby Salina, Filicudi and Alicudi islands and of the Tyrrhenian Sea in all its beauty. 


3. Pumice quarries

After the closure of the pumice quarries, one of the main mining activities of the island, the territory has remained unchanged over time, creating a suggestive panorama enhanced by the white pumice and a turquoise sea.


2. Marina Corta

A real open-air museum: wind, fire, sky and sea come together in an intertwining of colors, scents and landscapes to be experienced on the skin. It’s a geo-mineral park with unique panoramas, freely accessible and equipped with an info-point that will show informational panels that tell the geological and volcanological evolution of the island, the excavation periods from the Greek era to the 70s, the native flora and the stories of countless travelers who have described the magic of these places since 1800. An obligatory stop for nature and history lovers.


1. Sunset tasting at Tenuta di Castellaro 

The emotion of the most magical moment of the day: a glass of wine admiring the sun that plunges into the sea between Alicudi, Filicudi and Salina, while surrounded by a beautiful vineyard.

The guided tour of the estate allows you to discover the winery's project and philosophy, which contains, in the fruit that turns into nectar, the values that are linked to respect for nature, traditions and history. The ancient sapling system is the symbol of excellence that Tenuta di Castellaro wants to express through its natural and organic wines. A unique and unforgettable emotion.



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