10 things to do in Lipari
for an unforgettable holiday
28 December 2018
Dispersed in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the coast of Messina, the Aeolian Islands offer a unique spectacle which is envied by the rest of the World

10 things to do in Lipari for an unforgettable holiday

Are you going to find out the treasures of Lipari? Then you definitely don’t want to miss the top 10 things to do in Lipari and its surroundings, for an unforgettable holiday immersed in history and tastes of the Island.


10. Marina Corta

The characteristic and peaceful landing of the island,Marina Corta, is certainly one of the places on Lipari where you can breathe that serene air typical of the Aeolian atmosphere. The square holds magnificent views where you can taste the island's dishes and admire the characteristic local cribs.

9. Castel of Lipari

A classic from Lipari: the castle inside the acropolis, whose ancient fortifications enclose all the history of the populations that, over the centuries, have inhabited and transformed the island. It is located on the top of a volcanic rock, the castle offers a splendid view of the city and the surrounding area, with its walls overlooking the sea.


8. Saint Bartholomew Cathedral (Lipari Cathedral)

You can’t miss a visit to the SaintBartholomew Cathedral, among the best things to do in Lipari. Beautifully frescoed, the cathedral offers a historical perspective of the city, where you can admire the skill of the artists of the time.


7. Aeolian Regional Archeological Museum

Also within the walls it is possibleto visit the archaeological museum named after Bernabò Brea, a famous archaeologist who from the 1950s conducted a series of excavations on the island, discovering important pieces of well-preserved history, buried under a layer of volcanic ash deposits over 10 meters thick.


6. Praia di Vinci beach

Coming from the sea, directly from the port of Marina Corta, you can’t miss the visit to the wonderful Praia di Vinci beach, one of the best things to see in Lipari. An unspoiled and peaceful beach with a crystal-clear sea, perfect for snorkelers and nature lovers thanks to the numerous bays and inlets that follow the coast to the rock of Lipari.


5. Boat ride

You can’t leave from Lipari without having taken a boat trip and without visiting the other wonders of the Aeolian arch. There are numerous groups that organize departures all day and, for lovers of the starry sky and the tranquillity of the dark, it is possibleto book an evening boat ride to enjoy the Tyrrhenian Sea in its most elegant dress.


4. Quattrocchi panoramic viewpoint

If you are tired of staying on the beach, or you are just a lover of the breath-taking views, you can rent a moped and reach the Quattrocchi panoramic viewpoint, just 4 kilometres away from the centre. Among the things to do in Lipari, this is one of the most exciting: you can take home magnificent memories framed in a landscape that is one of the best postcards of the Aeolian Islands.


3. Old Church of Quattropani

Far from the beaches, immersed in the tranquillity of the hill, stands asmall church that exudes peace and serenity. The square and the surrounding gardens offer another of the best things to see in Lipari: a wonderful view of the nearby island of Salina and the Tyrrhenian Sea in all its beauty.


2. Former pumice quarries

After the closure of the pumice quarries, one of the island's main extractive activities, the territory has remained unchanged over time, creating an evocative turquoise landscape. The piers and buildings of the old quarries are still present and, among the pale pumice mountains, the famous white beach overlooks the sea. The fascinating very clear backdrops give intense emotions that are hard to forget.


1. Sunset tasting in the Estate

At the end of a hot Sicilian day, there is nothing better than a refreshing aperitif in our estate, tasting our special wines and all the authenticity of the island's food. You can explore our winery thanks to guided tours and admire the setting sun that dives among the islands, giving your heart an unforgettable experience.

You can observe the amazing work of our winemaker Salvo Foti, who allows us to realize an innovative wine withthe old method of the “vigneri”, dating back to 1435, which amazes for its effectiveness and resists the test of time. The organic wines of Tenuta di Castellaro arise from the mass and clonal selection of the healthiest and oldest native vines of the Aeolian Islands, in particular Corinto Nero and Malvasia delle Lipari.


Would you like to make a memorable change to your holiday? Come a visit us in our estate and taste the authentic flavour of the fruits of Lipari.

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