Our wines
Our wines
Bianco Pomice

An aroma that contains all the colours of the Aeolian Islands, an elegant sip capable of drawing an incredible landscape.

Nero Ossidiana

The Obsidian, the volcanic stone par excellence, gives its name to this wine with salty scents and spicy tones: the history of Lipari in a glass


Myth and charm of an ancient vine, in its purest interpretation

Rosa Caolino

Romantic and inebriating, fresh and sensual: this is the Lipari rosé

Bianco Porticello

It is crystalline like the white beaches of Lipari, in the mouth it is fresh with salt and sun


The quintessence of Sicilian red grapes, pure expression of the whole territory

L'ottava isola

L'Ottava Isola is sun and snow, volcanic heat and freshness of mountain where the lava makes the land fertile and rich in minerals.

Malvasia delle Lipari

A sweet example of heroic viticulture.


A pet-nat from Pinot Noir grapes from Lipari island ... is really possible!

Marsili White

Produced from 100% Moscato Bianco grapes, here is the new Marsili, more refreshing than ever!


A new wine that tells an ancient story, and a further milestone in the Tenuta di Castellaro project

Indigenous Vineyards
Volcanic Lands
Organic Wines
This is the way in which the land become wine

The knowledge of tradition, the strength to dare what is new: this is the way in which the land become wine.

The organic wines of Tenuta di Castellaro are born from the mass and clonal selection of the healthiest and oldest native vines of the Aeolian Islands (in particular Corinto Nero and Malvasia delle Lipari), to which we pay tribute in the blends produced.

The vinification process takes place through fall without using pumps for the various racking, excluding any mechanized intervention. We exalt the characteristics of the fruit that comes from the intact, healthy and rich vineyard of all those typical qualitative components of a correct cultivation of the head-trained vine.

Grown with passion and organically, our vineyards are the maximum expression of respect for the land and the local winemaking tradition.

We introduce you real uniqueness, where the fascinating complexity and the ancestral strength of the volcanic lands, from which they are born, are revived and to which they are inspired in the names, confirming that magical and indissoluble link between terroir and taste.

Unconventional glasses that tell of sun, stones, wind, soil and sea….

Naturally elegant

Past and present enrich our bottles with passion and pride.

The winemaking tradition is combined with futuristic technologies, which allow us to "work" our vineyards naturally, to obtain an excellent quality of wine which is now recognized all over the world.

The aromaticity of Malvasia delle Lipari, the uniqueness of Corinto Nero, the marine acidity of Carricante, the Sicilian quality of Nero d'Avola, the structure of Nerello Mascalese and the fruity scents of Moscato Bianco allow us to create blends with a unique taste and inimitable.

The elegance of our wines delights the mind and body, like a pleasant music that accompanies the best moments of our day.

Suitable for every occasion, from the fresh aperitif of Bianco Porticello to the important dinner based on Corinto, our great protagonists prove to be precious allies to enhance the precious moments of sharing and relaxation.


Five, ten, fifteen: this is the ability to age of our wines.

Thanks to a careful and patient work that lasts a whole year, the expert men who work our vineyard manually select the best grapes to bring precious fruits to the cellar that will turn into excellent wine.

The head-trained cultivation, the fertile and rich of minerals soil, the ability and professionalism of our agronomist and our winemaker, connected with the experience and the passion of our cellarman, allow our wines to express the best characteristics of the Lipari terroirs and Etna, magical and unspoiled places that we find in all our bottles.

Unique style

Respect, culture, love, but also class, elegance and uniqueness: these are just a few words that define the style of Tenuta di Castellaro, where every single particular is treated in detail, without compromise. A devout and continuous attention makes unmistakable all that represents us: hospitality and courtesy, together with our great protagonists, make every moment signed by Castellaro unforgettable.

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