Tenuta di Castellaro: The Bioenergetic Cellar.
12 March 2021
Tenuta di Castellaro is the largest bioenergetic winery in the Aeolian Islands thanks to its constant search for innovation and attention to the environment.

For Tenuta di Castellaro, environmental sustainability has been a central theme since the origins of the project in 2005. It was immediately decided to focus on a zero-impact reality on the surrounding environment thanks to constant innovation in production processes and careful and thoughtful use of the natural resources that Lipari offers.

The solar panels provide us with the electricity we need, while an underground collection tank collects the wastewater from the cellar, which is naturally purified through a phytoremediation system.

The two most important natural resources on Lipari are sun and wind and for this reason we have adopted two very ancient systems: the solar chimneys and the wind tower.

The first bring natural sunlight into the barrel room, while the latter keeps the temperature and humidity constant thanks to the winds that blow over the Castellaro plain.

With the approach of the summer we can't wait to open our gates again and lead you to discover our reality.


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