What is Cocciopesto?
22 November 2023

The use of the amphora in the winemaking has been rediscovered in the last 30 years and it symbolizes the archetype of the thousand-year-old tradition of production of wine. The ovoid shape not only facilitates the creation of a convective motion - which helps the must to move naturally, keeping the fine lees in suspension - but also favors the condensation of fermentation gases.

Cocciopesto was used by the ancient Romans as a waterproofing plaster for cisterns, tubs, thermal pools and masonry works.

It is an inert material, which does not release odors or aromas, but thanks to its porosity, it guarantees perfect micro-oxygenation to obtain a wine that evolves into authentic flavours, respecting the organoleptic nature of the grapes.

The walls of the cocciopesto amphora are quite thick, therefore they ensure a constant internal temperature in a natural way.

Consistent with the philosophy linked to sustainability, since 2021 we have been vinifying Eúxenos this way to obtain a dry Malvasia delle Lipari, pure and lightly macerated on its skins, which expresses sensations of candied and toasted fruit within the typical minerality that distinguishes our wines.

To make Eúxenos yours, we link you to the wineshop on our website. You will not regret it!


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