Sunset tasting
Sunset tasting

Since the birth of the winery, this particular tasting accompanies the sun that plunges into the sea, off the coast of Alicudi, Filicudi and Salina.

After a guided tour of the winery and a short walk in the vineyard, you'll wait for the sundown while toasting to the beauty that natur has offered.

The tasting continues with two additional glasses that go with different tastings, and ends on a sweet note with our amazing passito wine.

All this, enjoying a breath-taking sunset. Really unique.

The visit can take place along with a party of other visitors and lasts two hours.


Available every day based sunset time, booking required

€ 45.00 per person
€ 30.00 analcoholic

Sunset tasting
The sun plunges into the sea

Tenuta di Castellaro rises in the ideal position of Lipari to enjoy the best sunset of the whole island. 

The magical atmosphere that accompanies the first part of our tasting completes an unforgettable sensory experience.


Sunset tasting
A declaration of love

From the dawn of time, the sunset is the face of love: languid and warm, it opens the heart to beauty.


Living this extraordinary moment of the day with your loved one is a unique emotion that inseparably links and gives a thought that will live over time, unforgettable.


Sunset tasting
We close in sweetness

A journey of unique emotions to live, photograph, dream and ... drink.

As the sun goes down, the evening perfumes peep out to find the quality and excellence that comes from this magic in our wines.



Live a unique emotion
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