The volcanic archipelago of the Aeolian Islands can boast ancient traditions in the field of viticulture.

The islands were already known to the first Phoenician navigators and to the Greek colonizers: numerous archaeological finds of wine amphorae testify how the wine was part of the culture of these places, since ancient times.

The soil and climate conditions of Lipari allow a viticulture and agriculture that are very respectful of nature, creating favourable conditions for organic cultivation.

The temperate and very windy climate is subject to the influence of the sea, which plays an important mitigating action and increases the degree of atmospheric humidity, present massively on the Piana di Castellaro, where a strong temperature range between day and night dominates.

The soils of volcanic origin are very fertile because they are rich in mineral elements, especially phosphorus, potassium, iron, magnesium and calcium.

A land with no half measures which, combined with the passion of the men who work in the vineyard, nourishes every grain of our vine and inspires each of our bottle.

This is Lipari: air and light, sea and wind combined with millenary knowledge.

And this is what our wines contain.

Vineyards and terroir
The vineyards of Piana di Castellaro

The Piana di Castellaro, where the majority of our vineyards are located and where our Estate rises, talks about a viticulture connected to history and tradition.

At 350 metres above sea level and overlooking Alicudi, Filicudi and Salina, our vineyards Caolino, Gelso, Lisca, Panoramica, Cipressi and Punta Piana, grow on soils of volcanic sand rich in minerals that give structure and longevity.

Indigenous wind, sun and sea

The vines are North-West-facing, the Castellaro vineyards enjoy in total harmony of wind, sun and sea breeze, configuring a unique microclimatic framework, which we find in all our wines.

Malvasia delle Lipari and Corinto Nero, naturally acclimatized in the distant past, have perfectly adapted to other traditional Sicilian varieties and not only: Nero d’Avola, Carricante, Alicante and Moscato Bianco mature undisturbed in order to produce our inimitable wines for aging.

Cappero Vineyard

Cappero Vineyards is a classic example of heroic viticulture where 7000 square meters of Malvasia delle Lipari and Corinto, perfectly balanced for the production of the DOC (95% Malvasia delle Lipari and 5% Corinto) are cultivated on terraces made of lava stone that support a soil of sand and pumice-based fragments.

Overlooking the Island of Vulcano with South East orientation, Cappero Vineyard is located at 80 meters above sea level where a warm, dry and ventilated climate gives a perfect sugar level and an aromatic quality that allows our Passito to better express the intensity of this place.

Innovative technology and centuries-old tradition

At Tenuta di Castellaro, technologies connected to tradition make possible the perfect withering of the grapes: for fifteen days, after the harvest, the bunches are exposed to sun on special cannizzi of wood resting on mobile structures.

The dark lava stone wall on which this structure rests attracts and accumulates the heat given off by the sun during the day, releasing it at night with the complicity of the sea breeze, when the grapes rest covered with sheets.

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