Malvasia delle Lipari

Nectar of the Gods

Malvasia delle Lipari is our "nectar of the gods", a DOC wine, which comes from vineyards perched on terraces overlooking the sea. An example of heroic viticulture that brings to light one of the most ancient and celebrated enological pearls of the Mediterranean.

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Wines / Malvasia delle Lipari
A challenge of sweetness

Our Malvasia is born with the specific intent to show that there can be freshness and mineral territoriality even in a sweet wine.
A grape juice that wraps in an embrace of sweetness and finally of marine freshness.

The two indigenous vineyards, Malvasia delle Lipari and Corinto Nero, are reminiscent of ripe apricot, figs, elder and raisins with shades of Mediterranean scrub.


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Wines / Malvasia delle Lipari
The sun of Lipari feeds every grain

Grape pearls grown, harvested and dried directly in the vineyard. After the harvest, 15 days of sun and sea feed every single bean that is jealously protected at night and then turns into our Malvasia delle Lipari DOC.


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Ian D'Agata
Julia Harding
Monica Larner
Reviews / Malvasia delle Lipari

Enters rich, dense and sweet then turns livelier thanks to harmonious, bright acidity that leaves a lingering fresh mouthfeel.

Ian D'Agata VINOUS September 2016
Reviews / Malvasia delle Lipari

Bright orangey gold. Has the sort of intense and inviting aroma that makes me laugh out loud -it suggests such deliciousness.

Julia Harding JANCIS ROBINSON July 2018
Reviews / Malvasia delle Lipari

Refined aromatic range that opens with dehydrated apricot, orange peel and candied citron, hints of eucalyptus honey, nuances of garrigue with capers and salty suggestions, graceful vanilla notes and dried fruit. On the palate the sweetness is absorbed by the tartaric verve and driven by the energetic flavor in the long final played on the notes of candied fruit.

BIBENDA October 2018
Reviews / Malvasia delle Lipari

You get lots of Sicilian sunshine packed within this bottle.

Monica Larner WINE ADVOCATE October 2019
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The Obsidian, the volcanic stone par excellence, gives its name to this wine with salty scents and spicy tones: the history of Lipari in a glass


Myth and charm of an ancient vine, in its purest interpretation

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Bianco Porticello

It is crystalline like the white beaches of Lipari, in the mouth it is fresh with salt and sun


The quintessence of Sicilian red grapes, pure expression of the whole territory

L'ottava isola

L'Ottava Isola is sun and snow, volcanic heat and freshness of mountain where the lava makes the land fertile and rich in minerals.

Malvasia delle Lipari

A sweet example of heroic viticulture.


A pet-nat from Pinot Noir grapes from Lipari island ... is really possible!

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