Bianco Pomice

Aroma and elegance

Aroma and elegance crossed by a subtle but perceptible and savoury salty texture that makes it unique.

An aroma that unleash a great balance.

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Wines / Bianco Pomice
An amazing bouquet

It was 2008 when we realesed the first vintage of our reference white wine and nothing has been the same again. Bianco Pomice is our flagship white wine. It was born from a combination of two very different varieties, which blend perfectly and complement each other, enhanced by the volcanic soil of Lipari.


Dry white wine, it has a great finesse and delicacy, both olfactory and sip: we can find notes of citrus and wild flowers, with fruity and almond hints. It is enveloping and it has a long and lasting taste.


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Wines / Bianco Pomice
An elegant duet

The wine has the sun and a strong brackish minerality inside its deep roots. The heady aromas of Malvasia delle Lipari blend masterfully with the fresh mineral caress of Carricante to create a taste where the concept of balance becomes the archetype of a complex Sicilian elegance ready to conquer the world.


The grape is selected and picked manually, the yeast are the indigenous ones and the clarification takes place naturally, by racking the wine several times before bottling.


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Monica Larner
Ian D'Agata
Julia Harding
Christian Eder
Reviews / Bianco Pomice

It is almost boring to report that even this year we are facing a masterpiece.

SLOW WINE October 2016
Reviews / Bianco Pomice

I always look forward to tasting this wine because it never fails to offer an unmistakable signature of the white volcanic stones that mark this special territory. You can smell the sulfur rock and the crushed pumice stone.

Monica Larner WINE ADVOCATE October 2019
Reviews / Bianco Pomice

It delivers good intensity without being weight and displays lovely mineral-acid balance finishing with enticing, lingering perfume and noteworthy complexity.

Ian D'Agata VINOUS October 2016
Reviews / Bianco Pomice

This has fabulous depth and density and yet remains so fresh and refreshing with a long, stony but also crisply citrus finish, even a hint of orange pith on the finish and the merest suggestion of grainy texture like fresh pears.

Julia Harding JANCIS ROBINSON July 2018
Reviews / Bianco Pomice

Robe jaune d’or brillante; fruité et floral au nez, notes d’agrumes, de garrigue, d’amande amère; élégant et juteux en bouche, la structure de la Malvasia s’allie à l’élégance du Carricante, finale minérale et salée.

Christian Eder VINUM November 2018
Reviews / Bianco Pomice

Light gold. Intensely territorial olfactory profile with brackish and chalky fumes accompanied by medlar and cedar, orange blossom, sweet almond, mallow and white pepper. Exuberant freshness and glycerine notes create a good balance that is overwhelmed by a savory wave that guides the long and coherent pleasantly almond-shaped fruity echoes.

BIBENDA October 2018
Our wines
Bianco Pomice

An aroma that contains all the colours of the Aeolian Islands, an elegant sip capable of drawing an incredible landscape.

Nero Ossidiana

The Obsidian, the volcanic stone par excellence, gives its name to this wine with salty scents and spicy tones: the history of Lipari in a glass


Myth and charm of an ancient vine, in its purest interpretation

Rosa Caolino

Romantic and inebriating, fresh and sensual: this is the Lipari rosé

Bianco Porticello

It is crystalline like the white beaches of Lipari, in the mouth it is fresh with salt and sun


The quintessence of Sicilian red grapes, pure expression of the whole territory

L'ottava isola

L'Ottava Isola is sun and snow, volcanic heat and freshness of mountain where the lava makes the land fertile and rich in minerals.

Malvasia delle Lipari

A sweet example of heroic viticulture.


A pet-nat from Pinot Noir grapes from Lipari island ... is really possible!

Marsili White

Produced from 100% Moscato Bianco grapes, here is the new Marsili, more refreshing than ever!


A new wine that tells an ancient story, and a further milestone in the Tenuta di Castellaro project

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