History, what a passion!
16 July 2019
Experience the Excitement!

Tenuta di Castellaro offers an unusual cultural itinerary, partnering with Museo Archeologico Regionale Luigi Bernabò Brea and Associazione Nesos. The territory-man-environment section of the Volcanology pavilion of the Museo di Lipari is the starting point of the guided tour that ends with the discovery of the Cave di Caolino (Kaolin Quarries), an open-air museum. You will be accompanied by expert guides to discover the spectacular intertwining of history and nature.

At the end of the visit a fresh glass of Rosa Caolino is tasted, the rosé wine that Tenuta di Castellaro dedicated to the Kaolin Quarries. It is also possible to combine the sunset tasting at the Estate (featuring the Bianco Porticello and Nero Ossidiana wines paired with two cutting boards, plus a taste of the Malvasia delle Lipari paired with the typical sesamini), or to book only the visit to the Quarries.

Available by reservation every Tuesday until October 29th, 2019 (other days on request).

Minimum 6 participants.


€ 25,00 per person: Cave di Caolino
€ 35,00 per person: Museo Lipari + Cave di Caolino
€ 45,00 per person: Cave di Caolino + Tenuta di Castellaro
€ 55,00 per person: Museo Lipari + Cave di Caolino + Tenuta di Castellaro

Wide free parking available

Shuttle service for a fee

Information and reservations:

Tenuta di Castellaro: 344 1298491 - [email protected]
Associazione Nesos: 331 5660771 - [email protected]

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