What can you see a Lipari: trekking to discover nature
05 March 2020
More than a hundred itineraries to discover Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian archipelago amazes by the beauty of its nature: more than a hundred itineraries cross the seven Aeolian Islands, where the silence and the suggestion of a journey back in time are still near at hand in an ideal scenery for trekking, discovering one of the most beautiful and various naturalistic heritages of the islands of Mediterranean.


Beaches, rocky coasts, fumarolic fields, tops of active volcanoes and cliffs represent an extraordinary variety of habitats for plants, animals and other organisms.


All these wonders could be discovered through the itineraries and excursions proposed by the naturalistic guides of the Nesos association based in Lipari, which also organizes flowerwatching and birdwatching sessions.


The most famous trekking route in Lipari is that one connects the Caolino quarries to the ex Terme di San Calogero: between lively multicolored areas you can look over the cliffs of Timpone Pataso, formed by the sediments of a lake that existed 100,000 years ago, and which hides the fossil footprints of laurels and dwarf palms, still living along the path that goes down to the sea.

Spectacular scenery can also be admired along the routes of Monte Pilato, the Vallone Fiume Bianco and San Salvatore.


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