Thanks 2023… but see you soon in Lipari!
22 December 2023

We are about to leave the wonderful 2023 behind us and, with great satisfaction, we are once again going to close with the record attendance at the cellar.

It was wonderful to return to host new curious people, faithful enthusiasts and wine lovers from so many countries around the world, as well as seeing the number of Italian visitors increase. In 2023, in fact, we again had numerous guests from over twenty-five countries, including in particular many from the United States - who now love Sicily and always consider it a first choice among the possible destinations for a magnificent holiday in Europe - and from Switzerland, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, as well as, as always, from Australia, so far away and so close at the same time, due to the large community of Liparotes and Aeolians who have migrated there but who retain a place for the land (or rather, for the island!) of origin in their hearts.


We are sure that you who have visited us in the company over the years will be our best ambassadors around the world. Tenuta di Castellaro's wine and landscape project also counts on your word of mouth! Lipari, together with the other islands of the archipelago, is now a well-regarded destination not only because of the breathtaking landscapes and the splendid Aeolian sea, but also for the food and wine culture it presents, which is increasingly recognized on an international level.


Now, without wasting time, we are already planning the 2024 Spring-Summer season, in which we plan to offer new and exciting experiences at the Estate. In particular, we are preparing new tasting formats, designed both for those who want to approach the Aeolian terroir for the first time and therefore the wines of our production, and for those who have already had the opportunity to get to know most of our products over time and therefore he wants to taste them in a more technical and in-depth way. We will keep you updated and tell you much more in the coming times!

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