Drone footage on Tenuta di Castellaro
29 September 2023
A look from a different point of view.

We would never get tired of contemplating the scenario in which we tend our vineyards here on the island of Lipari. But sometimes an external look can make us further appreciate the immense beauty of these places. For this reason, in recent days we have invited a videomaker skilled in using the drone to film some views of the property from above. This footage is currently being assembled and we will soon share it on the new website and via our social channels. These are breathtaking shots that show the vineyards, the sea, the other Aeolian islands, and the harmony with which the estate integrates into the environmental context, forming a geometrically ordered and at the same time natural landscape, the result of years of care for the vines, but also of the greenery, of the paths between the vineyards and the rows of caper plants, of the ruins then transformed into houses ready to welcome guests, and in general of an infinite number of small but fundamental details that ultimately always make the difference . On the other hand, from the beginning the Tenuta di Castellaro project has been about landscape, as well as winemaking, and therefore about the protection and revitalization of a territory that deserves to be included among the most spectacular in Italy.

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