Corinto, from Greece to Lipari
11 March 2020
Indigenous grape for great wines

The planting of the new Corinto vineyard continues at the Tenuta di Castellaro. 

Black Corinto is an indigenous grape variety native to the Greek city Corinth, characteristic of the island of Lipari where it was introduced during the Hellenic colonization of the Seventh century BC.

This grape variety has small to medium-sized bunches, sparse, with very small berries, spherical and covered with a great deal of bloom, with delicate red skins tending towards purple. It has a very specific characteristic: the berries do not develop seeds.

Made as 100% wine it gives life to our inimitable and prestigious CORINTO, which releases a harmonious and sapid taste, very persistent and elegant through its spicy nuances with hints of red fruit, green pepper and licorice.

Being the part of the blends of our other wines, we also find it in our historic NERO OSSIDIANA, YPSILON and in a minimal percentage in our MALVASIA DELLE LIPARI DOC, to taste all the emotions of the Aeolian islands enclosed in a glass.


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