Another spectacle in the open sky and sea!
18 July 2023
There is a new project that is keeping us busy here in Lipari.

It is a twofold work which concerns both the planting of a new sapling vineyard with a density of 1.20x1.20m, right in front of the entrance to the cellar, where we have mainly planted red grapes (in particular Corinto and Pinot Noir), and both the creation of sixteen spaces between the vines, which will be transformed into positions facing West, and therefore also towards the sunset. 

Here, the whole vineyard seems to be arranged like a natural amphitheater facing the Aeolian sea and the islands of Alicudi, Filicudi and Salina. Something magnificent already on its own, but which we have decided to develop further, to give a truly immersive experience in the context of Tenuta di Castellaro. 

The idea is to accommodate up to 4 people each in these spots, who will be able to fully enjoy the daily spectacle of the sunset from a privileged point, accompanied by our wines and a basket containing tasty pairings. A truly exciting experience that we hope to be able to make available as soon as possible! 

Furthermore, always a few steps from the main entrance of the cellar, there will be space for about 100 additional seats, intended for meetings and events, both food and wine and cultural, thanks to the collaboration with some local realities. 

We hope to be able to find you again in the company and to be able to show you this new show in the open sky and at sea! 


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