Alessio and the landscaping of the Estate
06 June 2021
Alessio, a young Liparot, takes care of the landscaping of the Estate, guided at a distance by the nurseryman who has always followed the "green" project of the winery.

Last season he joined the Castellaro family as a driver of our bus shuttle, but as we got to know him better, we discovered his great passion for the land.
He initially joined the green team in the vineyards and, in a completely random way, began to take care of all the flower beds that surround the tasting area, of the gardens of the houses and the gabions that mark the perimeter of the paths that flank the Kaolin Quarries.

The Quattropani hamlet enjoys a particular microclimate, we are at about 350 meters above sea level and sun and wind, temperature range and humidity represent everyday life.
Thanks to this special volcanic terroir, our wines are unique in the world, as are our flowers!

Also and above all thanks to Alessio!

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