Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea

Lipari Island, a UNESCO heritage site, is the largest of the entire Aeolian archipelago and it is an artistic-cultural pearl: from a tourism point of view it represents the right compromise between entertainment and natural beauty.

You can’t miss the visit to the Castel with the Acropolis, to the Aeolian Archaeological Museum, to the Norman Cloister and to the numerous churches present in every corner of the Island.
Its territory is full of surprises to discover in the hinterland and on the sea.

Walking in the hinterland allows nature to show itself in a slow, unhurried pace. The sea, instead, allows to observe the island from a new point of view: the sculptures that time has scratched on the volcanic rocks, from this perspective they will be unforgettable.

Aeolian Islands
Lipari: the first of seven sisters

Lipari is the largest of the seven Aeolian islands, UNESCO World Heritage, which represent the emerged part of a vast volcanic complex. With its unquestionable charm, Lipari is a magic point for natural and artistic wonders, all concentrated in an area of 37 square kilometres with breath-taking landscapes. The sea is the distinctive element, where the variety of cliffs drawn by the lava, the beaches surrounded by cliffs and the white pumice or black volcanic sand coasts, invite to pleasant sunbathing. Even beneath the surface you can go to the discovery of wrecks, of flora and fauna still untouched, for the protection of which the Aeolian Islands are destined to become a marine protected area in the near future.

The paths of Lipari

The discovery of the island is also possible through dozens of paths that wind along hills and coastal slopes, dominating valleys open to the sea breeze, offering emotions, exploring nature, the true essence of the archipelago. A land of intense colours, without half measures, which nourishes every grain of our vine and inspires our every bottle. This is Lipari: air and light, sea and wind, and a millennial knowledge. And this is what our wines contain.

A sea of life

The night of Lipari is lively, colourful and full of music; the premises are located on the main street and towards the square of Marina Corta. Those who want to continue until dawn can go dancing in the discos of the island or transfers are organized dedicated to the nearby islands.

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