Malvasia delle Lipari Aeolian Organic Wine

Island essence that concentrates and exalts the sea, sun, earth and wind

Malvasia delle Lipari is our “nectar of the Gods” DOC, produced from a vineyard located on steep terraces directly overlooking the sea: an example of ‘heroic viticulture’ that promotes and safeguards one of the oldest and most celebrated oenological treasures in the world. Malvasia delle Lipari stems from a desire to re-evoke the sun-dried malvasia of yesteryear, emblem of a civilisation with a thousand years of history.

The grapes are harvested when fully ripe and for the next two weeks are dried in the sun on jealously guarded mobile rush mats, which are turned over every 2-3 days and covered during the night.

With its seductive golden colour, our Malvasia has a sweet and enveloping flavour, characterised by aromas of candied fruit accompanied by a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Sweet Wine
Malvasia delle Lipari DOC
Production Area
Lipari Island (Aeolian Islands)
Temperate, warm, Mediterranean, with great temperature changes throughout the day. Windy.
Sandy, volcanic, deep, fertile and rich in microelements.
150 mt. s.l.m.
Grape variety
Malvasia delle Lipari 95%, Corinto 5%
Grape growing
Alberello technique (free standing bush)
Density of implantation
9000 stumps per hectare
Alcohol content
Residual sugar content
150 g/l
Grape harvest
Handpicked with bunches selection.
Drying process
For at least 15 days the grapes are putted in special trellises, exposed at the sun, where they naturally lose weight and concentrate the sugars. This implies many checks and turn-over on a daily basis.
Direct pressing of the grapes in a pneumatic press. Must clarification is exclusively done by static decantation at 20°C. Fermentation takes place in oak barrels where it stops naturally after many months. Wine is repeatedly decanted to obtain natural clarification and then bottled.
Refinement in bottle
About 12 months
Estimated ageing capacity
15 years minimum
Tasting temperature
Tasting notes
APPEARANCE Brilliant golden yellow
NOSE Complex aromas of ripe apricot, fi gs, elderfl ower and Raisin with mediterranean maquis shades.
PALATE Sweetness and acidity complete each other making it a pleasant fresh wine, never luscious.
FOOD PAIRING Perfect with the typical island pastry, with fat, spicy and aged cheeses. Excellent meditation wine.