Fine Organic Wines

Organic wines, produced with the utmost respect for
nature and tradition

The organic wines of Tenuta di Castellaro stem from the massal and clonal selection of the healthiest and oldest native vines on the Aeolian Islands (particularly Corinto Nero and Malvasia delle Lipari), to which we pay tribute in the blends we produce.

The vinification process takes place by gravity without the use of pumps in the various racking phases, excluding all forms of mechanised intervention, and fermentation takes place using native yeasts in order to respect and enhance the qualities of the fruit that arrives intact from the vineyard, healthy and rich in all of the quality components typical of a well-executed Etna alberello vine-growing process.

Our organic wines, developed with passion in a natural and original way, epitomise our respect for the land and the local winegrowing tradition.

We present you with genuine cru that embody the fascinating complexity and ancestral power of the volcanic lands from which they are produced and which they are named after, confirming the magical and inextricable link between terroir and flavour.
Unconventional glasses of wine that speak of the sun, stones, the wind, the land and the sea…

Bianco Pomice

The freshness and light of the sea in a summer sunset



Freshness and balance, is salt spray and sea reflexes


Rosa Caolino

The Aeolian sunrise: delicate, intense yet energetic morning light


Nero Ossidiana

The power of magma, the depths of the earth to our senses



The Sicilian native grapes are the roots of this deep red wine



Purity and legend, this is an ancestral, marine and inebriating red wine


L’Ottava Isola

Volcanic warmth and mountain freshness, the Aeolian Islands in a bottle


Malvasia delle Lipari

Island essence that concentrates and exalts the sea, sun, earth and wind