Location for Aeolian Island Events

Take advantage of a top-class location for events on the Aeolian Islands

The poetry of the Aeolian Islands makes it the perfect location for your events: a place that encapsulates and enhances the power of the earth, the sea, the sun and the wind, the time-honoured bond with the land and the desire to rediscover its value.

We involve our guests in activities and events in which wine, art and the environment meld together in an exclusive setting. Our premises comprise both indoor and outdoor spaces, spectacular places for discovering and sharing values where technology is used purely to pay tribute to the uncontaminated nature and a tradition that goes back 1000 years.

Tenuta di Castellaro, with its wonderful organic vineyards that lead to the sea, the romantic terrace with panoramic view, the evocative spaces of the reception room and the bioenergy cellar, the ideal location for all types of event: weddings, company incentives, private events, cooking demonstrations, cultural and sports tourism.

Events at the estate are organised on the basis of your needs to guarantee you a unique experience based on wine and nature, art and technology, hospitality and sensory pleasure.