The Philosophy of Salvo Foti I Vigneri Consortium

Centuries-old methods and love for the land: a passion for winemaking

Tenuta di Castellaro is not just the result of an encounter with an uncontaminated land but also that with I Vigneri of oenologist Salvo Foti, a consortium of native Etna grape growers and genuine vineyard experts.

Embracing an extreme form of viticulture comprising centuries-old methods and a love for the land, Salvo Foti chose to share in our project, carefully training the Tenuta di Castellaro winemakers and offering his valuable advice at every stage in the lives of our wines, from the vine cutting to the glass.

These are the origins of our sustainable wine which respects the nature and beauty of its land, which stems from selected native varietals, which is inspired by tradition, biodiversity, centuries-old systems of manual cultivation, courage and passion.

Every bottle of wine is a book that we must read very carefully and about which we must know everything: the author, the setting, when it was written. From this we will learn a story that is different every time but which always leads back to a land, to varietals and to the culture of the men that produced it. (from the book “Come bere bene” [How to drink well] by Salvo Foti)