Sicilian wine estate

We enhance the incredible properties of our wines

Tenuta di Castellaro wine estate welcomes you with vineyards located in two particularly suitable areas on the island of Lipari and an old vineyard in Passopisciaro on Mount Etna.

The largest areas are 350 metres above sea level in Castellaro, which the estate was named after, and in the district of Cappero, our first vineyard chronologically and just a few metres from the sea.

The vineyards facing north-west have an incredible view of the islands of Salina, Alicudi and Filicudi, while to the south-east, looking out towards the island of Vulcano, is Cappero, a panoramic vineyard located on steep terraces directly overhanging the sea that boasts the ideal microclimate for producing our Malvasia delle Lipari DOC.

Our vineyards are the result of the heroic recovery of abandoned soil and the careful selection of the healthiest and oldest native vines of the Aeolian Islands. The vineyards are exclusively cultivated using the traditional Etna alberello system with chestnut stakes that have been snapped in two but not subject to chemical treatments.

The Etna alberello cultivation system is extremely old, introduced in Sicily by the Greeks around 2000 years ago, and involves the three-dimensional arrangement of the vines with a density of over 9000 plants per hectare. Mechanised processes are excluded and the system is highly suitable for the organic cultivation of the vine.

The aim is to modify the plant’s products as little as possible, in order to maximise the wonderful sensory properties of our varietals and the volcanic land which provides them with such deep nourishment.

Extremely densely planted, our alberello vineyards are a high-quality agronomy project but also a spectacular sight, a truly unique and breathtaking panorama for our visitors to enjoy.