Aeolian Islands Wine Estate

The excellence of nature and tradition

The project of our wine estate was born from the dream and the desire to reassess a unique land, the identity of a landscape that time has preserved with extreme care. Tenuta di Castellaro wine estate was founded with this single wish: to recover volcanic lands that had been left untended for hundreds of years.

Inspired by the beauty of the area, we decided to relaunch the winemaking tradition in the lands in which it had once been practised, tasking oenologist Salvo Foti and the I Vigneri consortium of Etna with reintroducing an authentic form of viticulture. Restarting production was a complex task that began with an in-depth microterritorial analysis and the massal and clonal selection of the native vines on the seven islands of the archipelago.

Not only do the choice of terroir and the recovery of native varietals stem from this premise, but also the particular process we employ to cultivate and manage our vineyards. The chosen system of cultivation is a complex one because it cannot be mechanised and the agronomic practices used are almost entirely manual in nature. The vinification process is based on the excellence of the natural product: the entire process takes place via gravity without the use of pumps in the various racking phases with the aim of modifying the products of the plant as little as possible.

Our constructions also have complete respect for the land and local traditions. The bioenergy cellar, completely underground and vernacular in style, is a tribute to technology that serves nature: powered by a wind tower, it exploits the presence of prevailing winds to cool the rooms in a natural way.

All around is our project to restore the greenery of the natural landscape, our aim being to immerse our wine estate among the real native plants of another time, such as grasses and Egyptian reeds.

Every day the Tenuta di Castellaro dream enables us to make our contribution to safeguarding vast agricultural and natural areas in the conviction that the amazing sensory and qualitative properties of our wines derive from this source of wealth.