A Land of Unique Wines

Are you ready for an unforgettable sensory experience?
Welcome to our Estate

In Lipari, on the wonderful Aeolian Islands, there is a plain 350 metres above sea level supported by a series of old china clay pits that plays host to an oenological and landscape project of the highest order.

Tenuta di Castellaro wine estate was born from the heroic recovery of the volcanic land and the careful selection of the oldest native vines on the Aeolian archipelago. Our vineyards, cultivated entirely according to the Etna alberello method and strictly organic, produce a variety of natural blends with enormous sensory and qualitative potential.

Our premises comprise both indoor and outdoor spaces: places for sharing values where people carry out their work with respect and technology is used to enhance the excellence of a tradition that goes back 1000 years.

“The purity of tradition,
the passion of innovation,
the force of nature… in our truly unique wines.”

Embrace the poetry of the uncontaminated landscape, painted with the colours of the wind, sun and crystalline sea…
Savour the wines with their ancestral, elegant and indefinable flavours…
Take part in activities and events where the love for wine and the beauty of nature merge together in an exclusive setting… for a sensual experience to live to the max!

The Cellar

Spaces and environments that will form the backdrop to exhibitions, shows, events...


The Vineyards

We enhance the incredible properties of our wines through our original, time-honoured and pure cultivation method.



The purity and legend of Lipari, this is an ancestral, marine and inebriating red wine


Guided Tours

To rediscover the Aeolian Islands in the form of a multisensory experience...



Treat yourself to the unforgettable experience of tasting our wines at sunset


I Vigneri

Centuries-old methods and love for the land: a passion for winemaking


The People

Our wine expresses the essence of the land and of the men and women that produced it.



The poetic location of Tenuta di Castellaro is the perfect setting for your events: wine and nature, art and technology, hospitality and sensory pleasure…


Bianco Pomice

Regales the language of a land, the freshness and light of the sea in a summer sunset